Ask These 5 Questions To Create a Life You Love

For each of Your GPS for Life Categories, quickly answer these questions.

Don’t dwell, ponder or try to produce perfection. Perfection is a lie.

None of us are perfect. So your answers won’t be.

Just asking the questions and writing down your top-of-mind answers puts you leagues ahead of others who haven’t done this work.

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1 | What have I created and what do I want?

Notice what you already have in your life. It’s really pretty amazing.

Add to the list what you’d like to have.

Write those things down in the Notes App on your phone. Or in your Bullet Journal. Or on a piece of paper divided into 9 parts, like the one here.

  • If you have a bank account, insurance, credit cards, loans, a mortgage, investments, note them under Finance.
  • If you created a family, children, a love relationship, a vacation, note them under Legacy.
  • If you have cell phones, computers, cars, and clothes note them under Keeping

Keep going until you finish all 9 categories.

Wow! You have done a lot. Life is good.


2 | Who Do I Need to Be to Get What I Want?

You’ll know when you receive an answer to this question because your heart will expand, and then your brain will quickly judge it for being too vague or lofty.

Try to catch the thought and write it down before your brain interferes.

Who do you need to be to get what you in each important category?

What does a mom think and feel when they achieve success in each important area of their life?

  • A mom with financial abundance must think they can create value and sell it. They feel confident they can do it, whatever challenge they encounter.
  • A mom with a close-knit family must love each member unconditionally. She must feel wise and kind when coaching her children. Her questions must spur thinking and ownership of their dreams.
  • She must be very healthy so she can be there when her family needs her. She cultivates her own physical and mental strength so she can weather the many storms loving so many people will bring.
  • Her home is an inspiring environment that cultivates and nurtures everyone that gathers there.

These are my thoughts and feelings. What are yours? Jot them down.


3 | What Do I Need to Do?

What does a mom do who has the things you want?

What is her recipe for success?

Take those actions and commit to doing them in your daily and weekly routines.


4 | How will I fit these actions into my day?

This is the hardest question because it requires making a choice among the many ways you could spend your time.

In The Paradox of Choice, Barry Schwartz asserts that today’s many choices make us frustrated, less likely to choose, more likely to make mistakes and less happy overall. Thank goodness he also gives you tips to help decision-making. Click here for his TED Talk.

We face an unprecedented number of choices daily. Commitments to actions will help you ignore the distractions that don’t align with your heart’s desire.

Your commitments refer to the specific actions that will get you from where you are now to where you want to be. How will you make your intentions real?

Ask yourself, what kind of positive habits, attitudes and action steps you will implement.

What’s the RECIPE for creating what you want?

5 | What obstacles will I face?

Time and attention are finite resources. There will always be more good opportunities than what we have time to do. 

We’re better prepared when we take time to write down the obstacles we will face. It also helps us break down big goals into smaller steps.

That’s all you need!

Need more inspiration? Watch Stoic optimism from The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday.

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