How to Train Your Inner Voice So You Can Be Your Best

How helpful is your inner voice? Does it help you out or bring you down? Your brain is always offering something to you. In fact, it generates about 60,000 thoughts a day. Research suggests that 80% of those thoughts are negative. 98% are the same thoughts you had...

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10 Lessons from Monks for Happier Moms

Who knew that monks could teach me, a mom for 30+ years, so much? Here are 10 Real-World Monk Lessons that I will apply to my life. Lesson 1: #ItsNotJustaHose “There is nothing so fatal to character as half-finished tasks. ~ David Lloyd George…

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11 Keystone Habits

The best keystone habits will start a chain reaction of positive outcomes in your motherhood. Here are the 11 that have made a serious difference in my life.

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How to Spark Joy By Decluttering Your Busy Mom To Do List

Feeling overwhelmed by too many tasks on your To Do List? Craving a process that will help you focus, get what matters done and feel more joy?

Unclutter your busy mom to do list using an approach similar to how Marie Kondo helps clients unclutter their things in the Netflix Series, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.”

Give it a try. You only have tasks to lose : )

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Which Sabotaging Thoughts Undermine Your Food Goals?

Which Sabotaging Thoughts Undermine Your Food Goals? Here are mine. Creating and regularly reviewing these helpful responses helps me allow the urge to eat something off plan and not eat it. It’s uncomfortable to change my mental mindset, that’s for sure. But I know it is worth it!

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7 Parenting Mistakes You Can Avoid

Wouldn’t it be nice if kids came with owner’s manuals? None of our 7 kids did, so we made lots of mistakes. Here are 7 things we did (and are still doing) that seem to help.

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How We Create Brilliant Lives We Love Each Day

Do we accept that we are the sum total of all past thoughts, emotions and actions? Are our present lives and choices colored or shaded by this memory bank of the past? Then, can we begin to see how a process of noticing and revising our thoughts will change our lives, our families and our society? When we divide our lives into 3 pillars — Healthy, Wealthy and Wise — and then subdivide those pillars into 3 buckets each, we can get our arms around the complex challenge of deliberately thinking thoughts that will build our best life. I call it a GPS for Life.

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Why is Food So Hard?

Is there anything as controversial as what we eat? It’s also such a personal decision and confusing. If you ask friends and family which foods are good or bad for you, you’d get a dozen different answers.

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Feel Better Now

Why didn’t I listen to my Grandma Olive? She said, “Well, sweetheart, people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Is it really that simple? Can we decide to be happy?

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Why Things Don’t Get Done

Why don’t we get more done? Why don’t we make more of our dreams come true? It’s simple. Our thoughts block our actions since they create our feelings. It’s easy to think that we don’t like the work. But that’s not it. It’s really because of what we are thinking and feeling now.

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How to Create a One-Page Life Map

How to create a one-page life plan, your GPS for Life? Grab a piece of paper. Fold it into thirds twice. Label the nine boxes: Finance, Food, Health, Home, Jobs, Keeping, Learning, Legacy, Virtues. Fill the boxes with what you have done, want to do and why. Voila! You have a GPS for Life, a one-page life plan to help you craft the brilliant life you love.

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5 Questions to Start Your GPS for Life

What are the most important questions to ask yourself before the new year? Ask these 5 questions for each bucket of our GPS for Life. 1. What have I created? 2. Who do I need to be? 3. What do I need to do? 4. How will I fit these actions into my day? 5. What obstacles will I face and how will I meet them?

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How to Fix Your Overloaded Mom Life

Marvelous Mom, do you yearn for relief from the pressure of overload? Of course you do. We could all us a little more margin in our lives. With margin in you motherhood, you will be able to create anything you want.

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Teach Your Kids How to Create Remarkable Lives

We all want our kids to become their best selves — because we love them. Schools provide reading, writing, math, science and social studies skills. But they can’t teach our children how to craft a good life. That’s our job. What do we want for them? A healthy, wealthy, wise life filled with happiness and lifelong fulfillment. Easy to say, hard to do.

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How to Set Goals That Don’t Drive You Crazy

How do we avoid the downsides of goals to get the benefits of blooming bigger everyday? For me, it’s been a combination of four actions: asking good questions, identifying obstacles plus payoffs, creating a daily routine, scheduling chunks of time to act on the one most important goal.

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